A Child Learns to Read on Someone’s Lap

Give your child a book, you open new worlds.
Give your child our book registry, you keep expanding their universe.

We want our children to dream big and achieve bigger. Reading builds the imagination and skills children need to thrive intellectually and emotionally.

Children's books also deliver a lot of fun. They provide us with whimsy, adventure, wonder and "friends" who stay with us for life.

The reading specialists and children's book lovers at Wackadoodle Books® are passionate about the value – and delight – of reading. It is our mission to make it easy for families to find kid's books for children of all ages. It only takes a minute to start a registry that grows with your child. The registry is a great way to encourage grandparents and friends to be smart shoppers who help your children build a personal library that will enrich their lives.

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